Do You Want to Improve Your Relationships?

Do You Want to Improve Your Relationships? 
Consciously evolve a significant relationship to a different form?
Or uncouple from a pattern?

Breakups are common, but It’s not common knowledge how to do them well. The stakes are high: your sanity, your children’s wellbeing.

Society tells us someone wins and someone loses. Your gut tells you that there MUST be a better way….

Your intuition is spot-on! I know, because I have lived it.

Through the Conscious Uncoupling TM process, I discovered a way to divorce in which children can be spared the cross-fire that would make them casualties, and everyone touched by the divorce can be set-up to thrive. I found peace of mind despite my husband’s behavior.  I was able to extract myself from the entanglement drama even in the midst of the divorce litigation.

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Do you want to attract a new relationship? 


You want “The One” but aren’t exactly sure what healthy love looks like, much less how to get it or attract it. Perhaps you want more happiness across other areas of your life too, but wonder if that’s possible. 

I was always successful by others’ standards: an accomplished CPA and decorated Army Officer. Yet, I felt unfulfilled, stressed, and lonely despite my success and strong metaphysical upbringing. In Calling in “The One” TM (CITO), I found the tools that not only transformed my LOVE life, but my WHOLE life!  Even amid trauma, grief, and chaos, I experienced transformation of my health, my career, and my relationships.

What do you desire to ‘call in’ to your life? 

 Your transformation begins with your relationship with yourself. Yep! You become your own best friend, and you really feel the appreciation and respect that you crave. This small, but profound step changes how you engage the world. The wisdom in CITO will help you complete your past hurts, vision your future, and focus your energy on today. I can walk through it with you.

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